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29.04.2007, 19:08 quote


try younger or older


23.05.2007, 21:10 quote


there is pleanty of single men out there i am single


23.05.2007, 21:13 quote


[very good point why doesnt the girl try there she is not looking in the right place that girls for you


28.05.2007, 20:03 quote


im 24 and i fing gals my own age immature. its all about the individual


11.07.2007, 00:14 quote


sandy where do you go? haha wherever ive been its always been loads of horny lads and just a few girls.


13.07.2007, 14:13 quote


valentino462 wrote:
Sandy32Dub wrote:
I find the ratio of women to men are 2:1 so its harder to find a comptabile partner.. and as well - what you are saying is right.. they eitheir have baggage, immature, too young, gay, married, just looking for casual, bit on stupid side, or just not worth bothering with! sorry guys... me and alot of my single friends have come to the conclusion, when it comes to Dublin, theres not much out there. Not that we are picky, theres simply not much to pick from.

i can see why your single!! one could love you as much as yourself!!the thing about the apple tree proved it also..there is way more men than women in ireland so the like of yourself get spoilt....hit on in nightclub cause of ladyshortage..begin thinking your so much better..amm..go to another country and see if same happens..probably not!!irish women arent as admired in other parts of the world..bitchyness doesnt work as well!..p.s you will probably wait for that badboy to come along,treat you like shit and think he's the best ever as a result!! Rolling Eyes

OUCH........that was harsh!!!!!


15.07.2007, 16:50 quote


Wow this got heated really quickly.

I agree with what everyone says...boys and girls alike.

It seems that PEOPLE have too much baggage these days. I have two kids....and a lot of guys just don't want to bother. But then again... a large population of women have children too!
As for the gay route..... men have always been gay....same with's only in the last while that it's become acceptable to BE gay. So I decided that I'm going to be greedy and take the best of both worlds...I'M BI haha. But still...can't find a date.... Not as if I'm really picky either....I just never get approached.... oh well...


21.07.2007, 22:54 quote


Just not the Irish guys' cup of tea, I guess.


22.07.2007, 12:37 quote


The last Irish guy I went out with was a year and a half ago.....he now stalks me.
The one before that, was my kids' dad.... he is now married and doesn't bother with his children.

I usually go for guys who are not from Ireland...although it's not a conscious just happens that way. My last boyfriend was from Manchester. The one before that, from Tunisia lol.


09.10.2007, 03:38 quote


busyboy wrote:
try younger or older

Hi there
How are you??


16.02.2008, 01:01 quote


Hey There, Im Suzanne Nice To Meet You!,

Im a down to earth lass from tyne and wear,UK
I'm 18 and im fun, loving & caring,
I Absolutly Love Ireland and there accents and i plan to marry and irish man and move to ireland one day.
I'm looking to meet a decent guy who lives in ireland whos maybe aged between 18-25, for a chat and get to know more of eachother, and hopefully much more if there is a connection!

Here is my profile if your interested -->

Dont be shy to msg me! xx

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