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21.07.2011, 21:20 quote


@babygirl don.t even listen to him, he just enjoys abusing everyone else, check out the rest of the posts and you'll see what i mean


22.07.2011, 22:17 quote


Well said babygirl;)


02.08.2011, 03:37 quote


babygirl199204 wrote:
that is ur own opion buh we all have different opion you may not want to selte down buh like me and others do and idc that i am 19 really for to selte down age is just a number if u truly love the person your wif it doesnt matter what other people thinks buh in my case i dont care anyways what other people think abt wha i want to do in life including selting down, and kevin if u dont like what people wants on here then why are u on here cause ur wasting ur time giving abuse to others that really dont care what u think. speakin of mind thb u are wasting everyones time on here if ur going on like that

are you so self righteous that you actually believe that.. you sound like a bunny boiler to me Very Happy

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