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22.12.2008, 01:14 quote


The land that gave us Guinness!?!?! you should really research a country before you label it with your lack of knowledge,also it seems you are the reason you are isolated


22.12.2008, 13:59 quote


How built the Americam rail system, the Empire State Building, Brookly Bridge, gave the world Jfk and Barak Obama, introduced Christian faith to the world. Bobby Sand, Mary Robinson, Bono, John Hume, All Human rights campaigners many of whom have won the noble peace prize to name a few. A country at the fore of I.T development and a country know for its world class Research and Development into illness.

Look before you jump, if you dont like Ireland go home


02.06.2009, 02:34 quote


Here here, stick to your own!!!!!! Exclamation


12.06.2009, 23:00 quote


Sorry to disappoint you but they is more than just drinking in Ireland.... How about we talk about the great people of denmark so?

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