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10.03.2007, 15:18 quote


TT from Galway city


30.03.2007, 14:07 quote


My experience of the Irish in here makes me tend to agree with you mammybobo Wink


04.04.2007, 16:16 quote


We can have a Galway Beers when mammy turns 18


12.04.2007, 16:22 quote


Sometime in the summer we could have a picnic in Spanish Arch. Bring a few cans/wine and some sandwiches from McCambridges.


14.04.2007, 18:13 quote


mammybobo wrote:
sounds good wkd weather were having lately Very Happy

NOw there would be a good reason to be visiting Ireland Wink


15.04.2007, 21:38 quote


Weather has been really really nice
I have to get some cool shades now, just like Carmel Wink


19.04.2007, 10:35 quote


Working and looking out the window at the summer girls walking past, wishing it was the weekend


19.04.2007, 15:45 quote


Take it easy on the old tummy there Carmel
Myself, I'm off to Monaghan in the weekend for a birthday party
Should be good craic. Hope the weather will hold


27.04.2007, 15:58 quote


'Tis the best town in Ireland on a sunny Friday!
Gaillimh abu!


30.04.2007, 10:11 quote


Was he saying this while brandishing a Stanley knife? Wink


01.05.2007, 07:46 quote


If you have a question click New Topic, not New Rely. Don't hijack threads.

Others might have the same question but if it does not have its on thread and title they can't see it.

Do you mean Capoeira? Capoeira is a fusion of martial arts and dance which originated amongst the African slaves in colonial Brazil. It is danced in a circle to the sound of the berimbau, a percussion instrument of African origin.

In Galway


14.05.2007, 08:34 quote


hello everyone, i'm back in Galway now so thought i'd have a look through this board Laughing


15.05.2007, 12:07 quote


Howye girleens, long time no see.
Mammy I hope you get better soon! I was visiting friends recently in UCGH, dreary place. Don't let it get you down.
Mouldy - failtÚ!, we were talking of a Galway Beers sometime in the summer if you up for it.


09.09.2007, 19:07 quote


I'm new to Galway,

how's everyone keeping?


21.10.2007, 19:03 quote


Seems an almost dead thread.

Ah sure, I'm doing grand and yerself?

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