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23.05.2007, 21:12 quote


That sounds interesting...carry on...

Ever in Dublin? Mail me and chat. I'll make you laugh, i promise!


28.05.2007, 20:05 quote


tipperary is a great spot.if you like to travel


04.06.2007, 19:44 quote


definitly id organise something if you like all you have to do is PM me


22.08.2007, 00:57 quote


so did u guys ever meet up??! im new here!


24.08.2007, 11:42 quote


yeah anything happen on this front, it would be nice for a singles meet up. Sit around and have a luagh together, would be really strange but fun.


20.10.2007, 13:36 quote


lilifrench wrote:
Hi guys, so did you all meet up. I'm on for a meet in Kilkenny, just let me know!

i wouldn mind a good nite out wit a load of peps and it be a good way of getting to no a lot of ye here better to

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