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24.03.2007, 10:39 quote


Sure I have too. Did send a mail anyway but alas, no reply.


02.04.2007, 15:13 quote


i only think that they are out of my league when they are human Embarassed


02.04.2007, 16:06 quote


I've had it happen the other way round before.... and I'm in here answering this, cos it was an Irishman thought he was out of my league.... (or should that be the other way around?)! Daft bugger


02.04.2007, 21:01 quote


Everyone is someone else's weirdo


18.06.2007, 14:29 quote


I think you may have gone of on a tangent november77.. Noone was talking about not getting replies to messages
And, yes irishgirl, that often happens. Thats why I havent sent you a message.

november77 wrote:
People not answering their messages is just plain rude, after all its the reason we are all here is to view profiles and message each other. if you message someone asking did they have a nice weekend, your not asking them to jump into bed with you, so a simple reply wont take up too much of their precious time. its free to do so its not like your asking for a loan of money lol a few seconds is all it takes, who cares if your interested in the person or not, a simple use of your manners isnt very hard to do.

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