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14.02.2009, 01:51 quote


I have spoken to many guys about this & they would rather a girl to look classy but not stuck up, sexy but not slutty. Slutty is good in private though, i'm sure that each & every male would agree with this?

Also, for what its worth, I think if your showing legs, boobs should be covered, & vice-versa

In the words of Usher, "wana lady on the street, & a freak in the bed" -


19.02.2009, 18:35 quote


It really depends.. for me its a bit related to how i might see someone's physical appearance on the whole..

So for me it doesn't come down to "classy" vs "slutty", its more of the whole way someone appears to be.

Hmm, im peering into a can of worms here and not sure if i should or not Razz but hey..

For example, i know girls who, in my eyes, are beautiful, some who are sexy, some cute, some attractive, some stunning, some not that attractive; to me.

Thing is, its all of course subjective and as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So.. before i blether on too much.. some women can be several of the above.. eg cute and sexy or some may not be several at once, eg be beautiful and not sexy, or indeed even sexy and not that attractive.

Same goes for guys of course.

Hmm i think i blethered... and didnt even answer the question! lol.. ok.. *mumbles to himself and finds the actual questions..

irishallure wrote:
I wanna know how many men out there are more attracted to the half naked chick or the classy chick...

Ok, if its literally in terms of being attracted to a half naked chick or classy.. then half naked. Unless the half that is naked is not attractive to you Wink

(but seriously.. for me, how much that is or isnt revealed isnt part of the real attraction that matters to me.)

irishallure wrote:
does showing it to you when u first meet make u want it or does leaving it covered till u get to touch it have more of a appeal??

Yes, showing it can it can make you want it... and yes leaving it covered also has more appeal Smile

irishallure wrote:
Let us know what you think. And who gets more respect or does respect even matter to the men??? Laughing

Depends on both peoples wants/needs/desires/expectations impo Razz

If both parties are out for nice fun.. then i doubt respect is high on the list of priorities. For me.. respect however is high on the list, both self respect and others secondarily.

Fark.. i sure do write a lot..i should probably reread all this and delete half before i press submit but im hungry now!

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