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08.07.2007, 15:01 quote


Me thinks when you don't get a reply, it's cos she is busy responding to texts which she prefers to give priority attention. Pretty ladies on are plenty and no doubt selective/ Occasionally cool dudes draw the short straw again. I must be lucky i get replies but not all the time. A polite no thank you is cool. Have fun guys. Its the discriminative side of a person's instinctive nature in the art and process of selection. You can't have it all that you desire. If i did i surely know that i won't be here. My theme is: It [you] don't mean a thing if you ain't got that thing'. whatever that 'thing' is. Adios Amigo mio's'


02.11.2007, 20:54 quote

Anonymous about if they ARE asking you to jump into bed with them?

If I get a message saying something like "Hey sexy, you up for it then?" I have no interest in replying. Is that still rude?


17.08.2009, 21:16 quote


november77 wrote:
People not answering their messages is just plain rude, after all its the reason we are all here is to view profiles and message each other. if you message someone asking did they have a nice weekend, your not asking them to jump into bed with you, so a simple reply wont take up too much of their precious time. its free to do so its not like your asking for a loan of money lol a few seconds is all it takes, who cares if your interested in the person or not, a simple use of your manners isnt very hard to do.

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